CAUSES WE SUPPORT is an independent and impartial resource and aid site that will expand nation wide

I will be filming my journey around the United States providing an in-depth look of what it is like to re enter the world as a paraplegic. will introduce tips and events that will help motivate and up lift anyone’s recovery. I will be taken it to another level, full of action and real life issues and situations. Lets see what I can do when the words “I Can’t” are removed from my vocabulary. 


I refuse to let this chair depict what I can and can't do. I will fall out plains, climb mountains, visit local attractions, maybe do some "sit down" comedy, or even learn how to dance the night away! Im looking forward to seeing what your city, county, or town  has to offer.


My goal is to help the disabled community respond to their essential needs, improve their physical and mental conditions and encourage them to never give up. 

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Launched in July 2013, Level Ground leverages Mixed Martial Arts to unleash the strength, power, and ingenuity of urban youth to fight for and seize their dreams. We are currently operating in Roxbury and Dorchester, and focus on serving youth who are exposed to a disproportionate level of violence, poverty, and lack of access to education.

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Vector is a physics term describing a force applied in a specific direction. The arrow in Vector's logo reflects the Thrashers' goal of guiding students in their daily lives, getting them to put their youthful energy toward improving on the mats and in school.Participants in Chris and Beth Thrasher’s Vector Jiu-Jitsu are like family. The couple offers encouragement and support, and helps their students learn to focus both in training and in school.

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