Mike Fink

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    JJCHML : 1-Introduce yourself and talk about what you used to do before jiu jitsu and when you started practicing.

Mike        :   My name is Mike. I'm 32. I started doing jiujitsu about a year and a half ago out of fitness edge   in Myrtle Beach /South Carolina. I wasn't very active before I started training. Just some weight lifting and wheelchair basketball.

JJCHML     :    2- How jiu jitsu changed your life ? 

Mike : Jiujitsu has changed my life in so many ways and has taught me so much about myself. First and foremost being conditioning. The only walking I do is from my trunk to my driver seat. A very short distance and I use to get out of breath doing that. Now it's no problem at all. Jiujitsu has taught me that the only limitations you have, are the ones you place on yourself. I use to have a fear of competing and doing bad in front of others. Now I enjoy competing and learning something new about myself and showing everyone that anyone can do this regardless of the hand life has dealt you!

JJCHML  3- Leave an advice to people that don’t train jiu jitsu because of their age, weight,schedule,etc


Mike  :  I've heard people say "let me get in shape, then I'll try it." my response, "why not do both? Get in shape while doing jiujitsu." jiujitsu is a total body workout like no other. You will strengthen muscles you didn't even know you had. You will improve your core tremendously. You will find yourself dealing with life situations in a whole new way. As far as scheduling, most academies have classes 5 or more times a week. So there's always a time to suit your needs. My team at Fitness Edge MMA has helped me overcome so much on and off the mats. Jiujitsu has allowed me to create bonds with people that you only get through blood sweat and tears and those people pushing you to be a better version of yourself. My sponsor BJJ New Gear, ABK Sportswear, and Smashing Barriers Grappling Project has supported me tremendously through this amazing journey!