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I started jiu jitsu here at Gracie Humaita - St. Louis and it has changed my life in some pretty profound ways and my journey is JUST beginning. I’m 45 years old and was attacked when I was very young. That has had a very negative impact on me for over 3 decades. My name is Krista Anzelone. FB page girljitsu - no excuses. Blog: girljitsu.com
— Krista Anzelone
Hello just wanted to pop in and say Bjj has changed my life. March 7 2013 I was 388, down to 272 with a goal of competing at 222.Also, I couldnt have done it without Veritas BJJ, All my brothers are constantly pushing me and Coaches Jason Finnell and Derek Cleary as well!
— Kevin Bruce
Over 5 yrs ago at 467 lbs I met Alexandre Vaca Moreno who turned a unhealthy low self esteem, smoking, lazy, child into a man. I Love the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but the reason I have stayed with it is because of the Love of my instructor/friend and teammates...Them and BJJ changed my life!!!!
— Daniel Hirsch
Can not even begin to tell you how BJJ saved not only mine but also my wife’s life. It also gave us two wonderful children. Because of that we started Vector Jiu Jitsu to help save lives of at risk teens.
would love to share our story with your followers and possibly raise a lil money for our gi drive
— Chris Thrasher